The Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri (DREAM) Initiative provides select communities with access to the technical and financial assistance they need to accomplish their downtown revitalization plans. The program is framed by a multi-year commitment between the state of Missouri and designated communities to offer a comprehensive, streamlined approach to establish grassroots downtown revitalization.

Missouri’s downtowns already represent large investments for communities. The DREAM Initiative aims to build upon those investments and leverage existing public resources to attract new private investment and create jobs. There is a strong economic relationship between downtown and the rest of the community. A revitalized downtown leads to increased property values, sales tax revenues and improved quality of life in and beyond a downtown’s borders.

Downtown is often linked to the image and identity of the whole community. The DREAM Initiative attempts to re-establish the sense of place and cultural heritage in what was once the heart of the community.

The goals of the DREAM Initiative are to revitalize targeted districts in small- to mid-sized Missouri communities. Ultimately, the program works to put back into use, or increase productive use, of:

  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Neighborhoods
  • Downtown areas

The program is managed through a unique and innovative partnership of several state agencies - primarily the Missouri Development Finance Board, Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Housing Development Commission.