How DREAM Works

Each DREAM Initiative-designated community undergoes an initial assessment that consists of a wide-ranging examination of the downtown area. This meeting is used to identify topics for further study and customize the DREAM Initiative for each community. Some of the common technical services provided include:

Land Use, Building and Infrastructure Survey

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the physical structures within the target area
  • Evaluate and photograph all structures and infrastructure
  • Complete the Map Reference Handbook which is a foundation upon which more in-depth, future analysis will be conducted

Community and Consumer Survey

  • Take a comprehensive survey of the community’s residents, stakeholders and visitors
  • Gather information using different survey methods resulting in three analyses:
    • Focus Group Report
    • Community Telephone Survey Report
    • Visitor Survey Report
  • Use surveys to identify and/or validate issues of importance to the community relative to downtown

Downtown Organizational Structure Review

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of the entities involved in downtown revitalization through a series of meetings and interviews
  • Determine whether organizations involved in downtown revitalization are sustainable and prepared to implement project recommendations
  • Make recommendations to define roles and responsibilities as well as improve capacity, communication, and collaboration of organizations involved

Retail and Housing Market Analysis

  • Conduct a comprehensive market analysis of downtown and the surrounding area
  • Identify trade areas and conduct quantitative analysis of demographic and economic conditions
  • Provide relevant information and analysis for use in strategy development

Financial Assistance Review

  • Review the newest and most commonly utilized redevelopment mechanisms available for use in downtown
  • Develop a downtown “pro forma” with recommendations for the appropriate redevelopment mechanisms for specific projects and/or areas

Building and Streetscape Design Guidelines

  • Create integrated streetscape design addressing aesthetics, pedestrian/bicycle/automobile mobility and growth
  • Create building design guidelines for use as standards for development/redevelopment of downtown structures
  • Preserve character and a unique sense of place that is inherent in downtown

Destination Assessment

  • Analyze the downtown and the city’s potential as a visitor destination
  • Evaluate the local tourism industry from the bottom up
  • Provide recommendations to take the local tourism industry to the next level

Marketing and Communications Plan

  • Direct marketing and communications efforts to meet specific strategic goals identified through the planning process
  • Develop a communications map to keep the community informed and engaged during the planning and implementation process

Downtown Strategic Plan

  • Unify the community’s vision, and tie together all previous planning elements
  • Identify opportunities and challenges
  • Guide future actions
    • Direct the sequence of tasks
    • Inform policy/decision making
  • Ensure sustainability
  • Direct limited resources to specific outcomes