2006 DREAM Communities

See 2006 Map of DREAM Communities

The DREAM Initiative began in 2006 when 10 communities were selected to participate in a new statewide program. Its goal was to give communities across Missouri a greater sense of identity by increasing investment downtown. The program was innovative in that it bridged the efforts, and the strengths, of three state agencies towards this common goal. The Missouri Development Finance Board, Missouri Department of Economic Development, and Missouri Housing Development Commission continue to serve as the primary DREAM sponsors.

The inaugural group of communities was diverse in both size and geography. It ranged from Hermann, a historic town of only 2,000 in Missouri’s wine country, to the bustling city of St. Joseph with its nearly 74,000 residents. The communities were selected in 2006, and research began in 2007. The planning, financing, and implementation process continued through 2009.