Hermann is centrally located in the state, located just west of St. Louis on the banks of the Missouri River. One of the smallest designated DREAM Initiative communities, the population in 2000 was 2,674. Hermann is best known for its vineyards, historic buildings, bed and breakfasts and German heritage.

Hermann served as a major transportation hub with downtown forming along the river and expanding south from the river, growing with the community. Downtown is home to a number of 19th-century buildings which exemplify early Missouri-German architecture. Many structures in the historic district remain unaltered from the original construction, with others enduring only minor changes.

Selected as a 2006 DREAM community, Downtown Hermann has experienced significant development and restoration activity in recent years including:

  • Developing an entryway plaza, “der Hermannplatz,” located at the intersection of Highway 100 and Highway 19
  • Improving streetscapes throughout downtown
  • Developing new parking lots on Gutenburg Ave.
  • Creating a rehabilitation plan for the historic Gasconade County Courthouse
  • Establishing a railroad quiet zone through downtown
  • Developing the “Hofgarten,” a German-style performance and event facility at First Street and Gutenburg Ave.
  • Restoring and expanding the German School and Museum
  • Utilizing the Home Repair Opportunity (HeRO) program from the Missouri Housing Development Commission for qualifying residential properties