The City of Mexico is a rural community of about 11,000 residents, with a diverse economy comprised of agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare and retail businesses. Mexico is the county seat of Audrain County and is located approximately 110 miles west of St. Louis. Downtown Mexico, known as the “Village Square,” represents the classic courthouse square configuration, with two- and three-story brick buildings of retail and office space ringed around the courthouse anchor.

The City of Mexico was designated a DREAM Initiative community in the fall of 2007. The planning process commenced in the spring of 2008, with an agenda of 10 task items ranging from community surveys to various studies concerning organizational, financial, residential, retail and marketing strategies. It is scheduled to be completed in the winter of 2010-2011, with the culmination of a Downtown Strategic Plan.

To date, the DREAM process has completed most of the scheduled task items within the planning effort and work continues on several remaining activities including:

  • Fa├žade Renovation
  • Building and Streetscape Design Guidelines
  • Effective Retail Strategies
  • Improved Marketing Techniques

For more information about the Missouri DREAM Initiative activities in Mexico, please contact Russel Runge at (573)581-2100.