Sikeston, Missouri is the leading commercial, agricultural and cultural center of The Bootheel region of Missouri. The region has a strong agrarian heritage, including cotton fields which are unique to Missouri. Sikeston is a gateway to the South, where the citizens are known for their hospitality and friendliness. A long time business, transportation and banking center, Downtown Sikeston has high quality retail stores which attract customers from far away. Downtown is also home to the Depot Visitors Center, an information center and art gallery housed in a historic train depot. The local library, YMCA, parks, festivals, numerous banks and churches keep Downtown Sikeston as the civic and cultural center of the region.

The DREAM Initiative has added to a growing resurgence in Downtown Sikeston. Sikeston was selected in 2007 as a DREAM community. Many tasks, surveys and public meetings have resulted in numerous ambitions and plans for the downtown. Sikeston will begin the final phase of the DREAM planning process in the spring of 2010, with a final strategic plan scheduled for completion in the summer. Recent accomplishments of the DREAM Initiative, in downtown Sikeston, include the following:

  • Completing a streetscape with new sidewalks, site furniture, street lights, street trees and landscaping along Front Street and Kingshighway.
  • Installing numerous storefronts awnings and signage as part of a facade renovation program.
  • Landscaping and mounting signage along the railroad right-of-way has enhanced the south edge of downtown.
  • Developing a strategic 3-year plan with the help of the Historic Midtown Development Group, the downtown Main Street organization, and securing funding for operations and management.
  • Removing old pavement to be replaced with new open space, landscaping and site furniture along Front Street in the spring of 2010.
  • Designing a new concept plan for Legion Square, the downtown park, including a wayfinding plan and gateway monuments designs.

For more information about the Missouri DREAM Initiative activities in Sikeston, please contact Linda Lowes at (573)471-2512.