The City of Lamar is a small community of just over 4,000 people located in southwestern Missouri, about 30 miles east of the Missouri-Kansas state line. The city is the county seat of Barton County, with the historic Barton County Courthouse centered in one of the largest town squares in the state. Lamar has all the attributes of a small town with traditional mom-and-pop stores, quaint coffee houses and a historic movie theater on the square. It is also the birthplace of President Harry S. Truman, with a State Park and Visitor Center situated around the preserved two-story frame house in which the 33rd President was born in 1884.

The City of Lamar was designated a DREAM community in the fall of 2008, and planning efforts toward financial assistance, building revitalization, streetscape enhancements, and filling vacancies began in 2009.

For more information about the Missouri DREAM Initiative activities in Lamar, please contact Lynn Calton at (417)682-5554.