The City of Rolla is a growing and vibrant university town located at the edge of the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Home to Missouri University of Science and Technology and on the way to numerous outdoor recreation venues, the city attracts visitors and tourists year-round. Downtown Rolla enjoys a healthy retail mix of bookstores, restaurants, shops and housing. Banks, city hall, the public library and park space help to make downtown the commercial and civic hub of the city. A newly formed arts district adjacent to the commercial area boasts wonderfully rehabilitated buildings that have attracted artists and theatre groups.

The city has achieved a number of planning and design milestones in recent years, including a new streetscape, shared used parking, monument signs and a civic amphitheatre/festival grounds. Design guidelines, retail analysis and citizen surveys support the city’s efforts to maintain Downtown Rolla.

Rolla was selected as a DREAM community in the fall of 2009. The city, university and downtown business association will lead DREAM Initiative planning efforts in Rolla. With support from local business and civic leaders, the local DREAM committee will use the planning process to create a long-term vision for downtown.

For more information about the Missouri DREAM Initiative activities in Rolla, please contact John Peterson at (573)426-6970.