Residential Development Seminar

The DREAM Initiative offered an exclusive one-day Downtown Residential Development training to designated communities.  The seminar will cover topics including:

  • Residential Market Analysis: MHDC will present the methodology, results and implications of the Residential Market Analysis for downtown.
  • MHDC Residential Development Tools: MHDC will present the various financing and incentives available for downtown residential development.
  • Downtown Living: Why do people choose to live downtown? Hear from a residents perspective.
  • Downtown Residential Development: Presents two viewpoints of downtown residential development.
  • Affordable Housing developments of new construction and adaptive reuse projects
  • Market Rate developments – Small scale projects utilizing second story space
  • Marketing Downtown Residential – How to conduct a comprehensive campaign to sell downtown living.
  • Statistics of Downtown Residential – What’s the impact of a vibrant, revitalized downtown in terms of spending and taxes collected?

The goal of the seminar is to train Downtown representatives how to effectively use these tools to improve their Downtown Residential Market.

Seminar Resource Materials